Need To Get Rid Of Some Tough Paint On Your Car? Sandblasting Could Be The Answer

For those who see their car as more of a hobby than a utility vehicle, it can be tempting to try out new colours every now and then. Turning a jet black vehicle into a car more suitable for summer or at least adjusting the tint of your particular shade is common across the country. But this can be expensive and very time consuming, especially if you attempt it by yourself. If you want a quick way to strip all the colour off your car so you can start with a blank canvas then there is one technique quicker than the rest: sandblasting.

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is almost exactly what it sounds like. You fill up a specially equipped spray gun with either sand or some other small aggregate (do not try just anything, look up what works and what doesn't before you attempt to use it) and then shoot it out at your vehicle's surface at very high speeds. Because sand is so small and light when it is blasted at your car it doesn't affect the shape of your car at all; all it does is remove the paint and anything that rests on the surface. Think of it like very strong water that can wash off your car's paint.

Is It Expensive?

Most sandblasting is quite cheap when compared to fully repainting your car. Generally, you pay per hour when hiring someone to do sandblasting so if you only have a small part of your car's paint job that refuses to come off then it can cost less then two hundred dollars. Otherwise, you can find rates that vary from 50–150 dollars an hour or more to do the whole car. It can also depend on what aggregate is used in the sandblasting but your professional contractor will walk you through that.

What Else Does Sandblasting Do?

An added benefit of sandblasting is that it can get rid of rust and any other ugly bits of corrosion on your car or indeed any metal surface. If you have an old rust bucket that you want to do up then getting it sandblasted can give it a whole new lease on life. Or, if you have a certain piece of metal equipment that you need sparkling for a presentation or just for your own peace of mind you can get nearly anything sandblasted. Make sure to double-check beforehand that what you are bringing in is okay but most auto body and paint shops won't mind if it is something a bit out of the ordinary.