Three Indications That Your Vehicle's Engine Needs Rebuilding

Your car's engine is the most important component of the vehicle. When it is in the right working condition, you are assured of the durability and safety of the vehicle. On the other hand, when the engine is not in the right working condition, your car will keep suffering from issues which could even lead to accidents on the road. Engine servicing is one way to deal with these problems. However, if a point reaches where repairs are no longer working, consider rebuilding the engine. Here are three major indications that your engine needs to be rebuilt.

Knocking of the Engine

Usually one of the first indicators that a car engine is not working as it should is when it starts knocking. You will hear a loud sound which gets louder every time you rev up the engine. Sometimes, it will feel like someone is actually knocking on the engine. It is important to note that the sound is not normal, and it can lead to other serious car problems which will eventually require you to rebuild the engine.

When the Exhaust Is too Black

Another indicator of an engine in trouble is when the exhaust is not working as well as it should. The exhaust which comes out of a healthy engine is either colourless or a little grey. When it gets black, it is an indication that the vehicle has problems such as oil contamination. Keep an eye on your vehicle's tailpipe, and always ensure that the kind of exhaust it is giving off is clean. If not, it is time to think of an engine rebuild.

When the Oil Burns too Fast

Another major indication that your engine needs rebuilding is the oil consumption patterns. While getting new oil is a normal part of vehicle maintenance, there are times when no matter how soon you change it, you still find that your car is burning up the oil present faster than it should. This excessively fast burning of the engine oil could be an indication that it  is ailing and needs to be rebuilt.

Other common indicators of an engine which needs to be rebuilt include a failing compression system, oil sludge in the system and excessive fuel use. These are problems which can only be properly diagnosed by a competent auto mechanic. Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic, and have them inspect your car. When they have ascertained that the engine cannot be repaired, they will help rebuild it. Speak with engine rebuilders to learn more.