Should You Go With the Auto Repairs Shop Recommended by Your Insurer?

Crashing your car can be a traumatising experience — and the moments after the accident are even more stressful. You have to file an insurance claim, get your vehicle repaired and endure the inconveniences associated with not having a car to move around with. Once you submit your request, your insurer will recommend an approved auto repairs shop where you can fix your vehicle. You have the option to go with their choice or find your own repair shop.

Should you use your insurer's repair shop? Here are four benefits that come with using your insurer's recommended auto body shop.

Avoid the Stress of Finding a New Shop

If you have been in a severe accident, you may be pretty shaken up. The last thing you need is more stress of trying to find a reputable repair shop to fix your car. The process can be time-consuming, and it may cost you a lot of money out-of-pocket. However, with an insurance-approved auto body shop, all you need to do is tow your car to the premises. You won't spend time or money finding a new place, and this will give you enough time to recover from the accident, both physically and mentally.

Get Quality Repairs

There is a common misconception that insurance-recommended auto body shops do shoddy repairs as their loyalties lie with the insurance company. This isn't typically true. Insurance companies periodically vet these shops for quality repairs and customer service. Even though they get paid directly by the insurer, most don't compromise on their services. What's more, you can always ask to sign an agreement offering a quality guarantee on the repairs. 

You Don't Have to Deal With Paperwork

One of the cons of dealing with your chosen repairs shop is you have to handle a lot of paperwork. You will act as the middleman between your insurance company and the auto body shop. You also have to deliver payment checks once they get processed. If your insurer delays payment, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs as you wait for the compensation. However, with approved shops, the insurer handles all the paperwork on the repairs. All you need to do is collect your car after the repair job.

Enjoy Discounts on Your Deductible

If you're required to pay a certain amount out of pocket, it's advisable to use your insurer's auto repairs shop. Most insurance companies offer deductible discounts if you use their recommended repairers. For example, if you're required to pay a deductible of $150, your insurer may offer a 20% discount on repairs. However, if you opt to use a different shop, you will forfeit the discount. 

Save time and money, and avoid the stress of dealing with car repairs by using the auto body shop recommended by your insurer.

To learn more about insurance auto repairs, contact auto body shops in your area.