The Process of Completing Smash Repairs

If you've been involved in an auto accident, you may be wondering about how a smash repair centre can help you to get your vehicle fixed. This article is here to explain the process of repairing a damaged vehicle. Read on to find out more.

Checking the chassis

The first thing the mechanic at the smash repair centre will do is complete an assessment of the level of damage to the vehicle. The first thing they will be interested in is if the chassis of the vehicle is sound. The chassis is the load-bearing frame around which the vehicle is constructed. In severe auto collisions, the chassis can become twisted out of shape. If this occurs, it is unlikely that the vehicle will be able to be repaired. If the chassis is in good shape, the mechanic will move on to assess other areas.

Checking the mechanical systems

Next, the mechanic will take a look at the mechanical systems within the vehicle. This includes the steering wheel, driveshaft, gearbox, and the brakes. By operating each of these systems, the mechanic will be able to determine if any of them have been damaged in the smash. This is important because each one of these systems is critical to the safe operation of the vehicle.

Checking the electrical systems

The mechanic will then move on to checking the electrical system. Fuses may have been dislodged, wires severed or headlights and indicators may have been damaged or destroyed. Repairing the electrical system is a vital part of making sure that your car is roadworthy again.

Checking the bodywork

Finally, the mechanic will inspect the bodywork. Here you can make a choice about the extent and type of repairs. Provided the damage to the bodywork does not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle, it is safe to drive with dented and scratched panels. If you don't like the idea of driving around in a car that is clearly damaged, you can request that any holes be filled in with resin and for dents to be beaten out of the panels. Finally, you will have the option of having some of the panels resprayed so there is no sign that repairs have been carried out.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should make contact with a local auto body repair shop today, such as one that offers Shannons approved smash repairs. A mechanic will be happy to discuss how they can help you.