How To Choose A Smash Repair Shop

Finding the right smash repair shop to repair your vehicle can be quite challenging. In most cases, you will often be worried about the shop's work quality since you would want your vehicle restored to its original condition. Below are some questions that you should ask panel beaters when looking for a smash repair shop. 

Do You Conduct Insurance Repairs? 

It is a vital consideration if your vehicle is under comprehensive insurance coverage. More often than not, the panel beater will need to know your insurance company before answering this question. However, some repair shops will contact the insurance company and ask for a go-ahead before they can commence repairs. 

What Repairs Does The Vehicle Need? 

The panel beater will inspect your vehicle to determine the required repairs. For small dents, the professional will use a dent repair kit to pull the dent. If the vehicle suffered a scratch, the panel beater will use scratch removal compounds to remove the imperfection. It is a faster and cost-friendly alternative as opposed to repainting the vehicle. 

If the car has had significant damage, the panel beater will examine the viability of panel beating techniques such as stretching and planishing. The professional could advise you to consider new panels if the repair works will weaken the panels or distort body lines. The panel beater will also examine the effects of the impact on other car parts. For instance, you may require engine replacement parts, frame straightening, or interior repairs. In most cases, your vehicle will require a fresh coat of paint. It helps ensure a uniform colour code and conceal the smash repair works. 

How Long Will The Repair Works Take? 

The scope of works and the panel beater's availability will determine how long your vehicle will spend at the garage. Panel beaters with skilled employees and advanced equipment can repair your car in a few days. 

Do You Provide Guarantees?

The panel beater must give guarantees on their work. For instance, the replacement parts installed should have a lifetime manufacturer warranty. On the other hand, the panel repair and repainting works should have a guarantee. It ensures the panel beater rectifies poor quality work for free. 

How Much Will You Charge? 

Ask the panel beater to provide you with a quote for the repair works. They should split the quote to ensure you have an easy time understanding it. For instance, it should detail the labour fees, extra charges, and the costs of acquiring the spare parts. 

When choosing a smash repair shop, inquire whether the shop conducts insurance repairs, interview the panel beaters, insist on guarantees, and examine the charges.