A Guide on How to Prepare Your Car for a Windscreen Repair

Unless in exceptional circumstances, you should never drive with a damaged windscreen. Not only will you put yourself and others on the road at risk, but you'll also face losing your licence or getting fined if you get caught. Unfortunately, windscreens can get cracked, chipped and otherwise damaged by a whole host of issues, from debris on the road to ageing sealant. As such, many car owners will deal with windscreen damage at least once. Since you'll need to fix your windscreen as soon as possible to get back on the road, it pays to be prepared and make sure you get your car ready for the job beforehand. Here are three important steps to take before handing your car to the repair company.

1. Call your insurance company

The moment you find out that your car's windscreen got damaged or broken in an accident, you need to contact your insurance company. Unless you want to pay out of pocket for your windscreen repair, you must ensure you lodge a claim so your insurance company can cover the costs. Unfortunately, insurance claims can be convoluted and time-consuming so that's why it's best to start the process immediately. From there, your insurance company representative will guide you through your application and ensure your repair costs are paid for.

2. Choose the right repair shop

The next step is to choose the best repair shop for your car, and there are many factors to consider. For example, make sure your repair company of choice has up-to-date certifications. Glass repair standards change over time, so it's important your repair person knows how to fix your windscreen safely for road use today. If you think your windscreen may need to be replaced altogether, ask which glass your chosen company uses. To ensure your safety and visibility at all times, companies should use glass direct from the car dealer or a licensed OEM provider. Another important consideration is the repair company's guarantee. You'll want to have the peace of mind that if something goes wrong with the windscreen repair, the repair shop will be willing to repair or replace it again for free. Alongside essential considerations, you may also want to factor in convenience (can they work on location or will they need to pick your car up), pricing and opening times (since windscreens can crack at any time of day).

3. Do not touch your windscreen.

From the moment your windscreen gets damaged up until you deliver the car to your technician, you must not touch it unless absolutely necessary. Since your windscreen is already fragile when broken, any additional poking and prodding could damage it beyond repair. Alongside costing you more money and more time, it could also lead to injury for you or anyone nearby. As tempting as it may be to inspect the damage yourself, it's always best to leave things in the hands of a professional. To learn more, contact a windscreen repair service.